woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Can't stop this thing I started

Another default? :p Yes, that's right. I couldn't help myself. Since I tried the tutorial by le_plat_du_jour I keep thinking about defaults. I have many more ideas to pimp your sims but for now I have this for you ...

I found the hair by Marja at GOS and loved it immediately. It's not a haircut I'd choose for myself but I see use for it with some of my sims. I hope you'll like it too :)

Hair by Marja
Ages: Teen - Elder

YA - Elder:


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I've just found your site, which was listed on GOS' best finds thread and everything you have here is lovely!

    I'm commenting on this particular entry because I tried to do the same you did here, default Marja's Femme Hawk to replace afhairmohawk, but I had a problem: I had many game files (GMNDs? I don't remember) called, like, "tfHairMohawk_red_clone_clone_clone_clone". Did you come across such thing? What's the solution for this? I quitted before even trying after I saw this.

    Anyway, I'm asking this just out of curiousity, as I'm not working on any kind of CC right now, not even playing...yet I enjoy browsing through nice CC sites like yours :)


  2. That's often the case with basegame hairs. If I notice it I mostly sigh and quit. But when I do make an attempt I extract all the property sets that are shown in the Finder. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Can't explain why :)

    I don't know about this hair, 'cause this is just the adult - elder version. But I'm planning to do it for teens as well, so maybe someday I'll be able to tell ;)

  3. Thank you for this hair! Even though you made this ages ago, it looks like Miley Cyrus's new hairstyle, lol.