zaterdag 24 augustus 2013


Request by ZeroDark

Original mesh by NewSea
Converted 3 -> 2 by Trapping
Pookleted by Trapping
Ages: Adult - Elder


Note: other ages will be done. Just don't know when.

Note: The child replacement needs the adult replacement. If you want a stand alone version, let me know and I'll upload one.

woensdag 21 augustus 2013

zaterdag 3 augustus 2013


Original mesh by EAxis
Converted by Veranka

Note: I made another replacement here. Remember that you can have only one replacement at a time.

Note 2: All colors by Veranka were used.


Original mesh by Peggy
Alpha-edited by Lilith
Age conversion by Rented-space
Ages: Child

DOWNLOAD - Lilith Remi Textures

DOWNLOAD - Pookleted

vrijdag 2 augustus 2013


Request by jomeo @ GOS

Original mesg by EAxis
Converted by Bunheadbuns
Pookleted by Bunheadbuns
Ages: Ya - Elder

Note: This is the second replacement for this hair. Here's the other one. Remember that you can have only one default at a time.


Request by Zundie

Hair by Janna @ Simconnection
Ages: Child - Elder